Oxygen Brussels

  • 11,100 sqm

  • ASSAR Architects

 This high quality complex, located in the heart of Auderghem, consists of a mixed program of 89 apartments, a ground floor of 1,000 sqm Retail area, an office space and 100 parking units.
 This project characterized by a wide variety of habitat types combines the benefits of the city and a real breath of fresh air thanks to an urban and environmentally-friendly setting.
OXYGEN offers high quality apartments with unique terraces and an exceptional location in an attractive area close to the « Forêt de Soigne » and the main roads.  
Developed in close collaboration with the municipality, the project renews the district thanks to the high quality of its architecture.
Originally welcoming a retro office building from the 60s’, this residential complex will be a superstructure composed of two subsets:
Block A – Souverain boulevard side – includes 56 apartments and 1 commercial area on the ground floor;
Block B – Emile Idiers Street – 3 apartments and 1 office area on the ground floor.
100 parking spaces will be also foreseen.