Icône Luxembourg

  • 18,750 sqm

  • Foster + Partners
    Beiler François Fritsch

18,000 sqm office building in Belval dedicated to the latest working and co-working trends.

This landmark project – designed by the prestigious British architects Foster + Partners in collaboration with Beiler François Fritsch Architects –  is intended as a space for active life and encounter.

Alongside more traditional offices, areas have been designed for various models of coworking and for certain forms of ‘nomadism’, that is no longer specifically dedicated to specific activities or  users. Flexibility of surfaces, flexibility of occupation, co-creation, (generational) mix, architectural quality and top technical and environmental performances are all part of this new project.

Located near the University of Belval (Luxembourg), this new office building, named Icône, will total some 18,750 sqm of office space, of which 3,000 sqm will be reserved for coworking spaces that meet the needs
of many cross-border workers and the expectations of millennial’s. Another nearly 800 sqm will be available for restaurants, shops and similar facilities.